There are various ways for ticketing and payment options at the London Underground system. Passengers can use paper tickets, contactless cards, Oyster cards, contactless credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay smartphones, and watches for travel.

Besides, there are single and return tickets available, but Travelcards, (seasonal tickets), are used for longer times than a day. Travelcards are available on Oyster cards. The Oyster card should be 'touched in' at the entrance and exit of travel.

In 2014, TfL became the 1st public transport who accepted payment from contactless bank cards, since September 2014.

Later, the UK Underground adopted Apple Pay and Android Pay options that allow passengers to pay via using a contactless-enabled smartwatch or phone.

London Councils manage a fare scheme for residents who are disabled, with special needs or meet specific age criteria. For instance, the UK residents aged above 66, can use a card called a "Freedom Pass," which allows free travel on TfL-operated lines at all times. The card is valid on some National Rail services within London. The card is valid at weekends and from Monday to Friday after 09:30.

The Underground also provides a proof-of-payment system. The system is guarded by both plain-clothes and uniformed inspectors equipped with hand-held Oyster-card readers.


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