The Underground received around £2.669 billion in fares for the years 2016/17. The London Underground uses for London Transport's Zonal fare system to calculate service fares.

The Underground has nine Zones, Zone 1 is the central Zone, where all sights and the hotels are located, it also consists of the loop of the Circle line along with a few stations on the south of River Thames. In Zone 6, Heathrow Airport is located, while the furthest Zone out nine is - Zone 9.

Underground fares

The fares vary depending on which Zone you are using. The Underground has different fares for a single journey ticket passengers, which differentiates adults and children ticket fares. Besides, there are different costs for Oyster or other contactless payment cardholders.

Passengers without a valid ticket

Under the Transport for London Byelaws and the Regulation of Railways Act (1889), those passengers who are traveling without a valid ticket will be demanded to pay a penalty fare of £80. However, if the fare is paid in 21 days period, the passenger will pay £40 instead of £80.

However, children under 11 years can travel free via the London Underground.


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